Pet Health Tips

Apr 2014
Easter Iilly

CAUTION! Easter time comes with beautiful plants such as the Lilly, however members of the Lilium spp. are considered to be highly toxic to cats. Ingestion of very small amounts of the Lilly plant can cause excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing and intense burning and irritation of the mouth, lips and tongue, and severe kidney damage. Please keep these plants out of reach of your furry loved ones!   Photo Credit: Scott Adams via Compfight cc...

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Mar 2014
A Tip for Your Cat Or Dog

TIP FOR YOUR DOG: Have a large or giant breed puppy? Be careful with exercise, as their rapid growth combined with extensive activity can result in injuries. Tip: encourage play on carpeted surfaces in your house rather than slippery surfaces such as hardwood or tile floors. TIP FOR YOUR CAT: Did you know…cats tend to dislike the smell of citrus. Placing citrus scented objects in a place where your cat scratches inappropriately may help deter them! Try rubbing catnip on an area where you would like your cat to scratch, like a......

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Feb 2014
Pet Dental Tips

February is Pet Dental Health Month!  Here are a few tips… DENTAL TIP: Did you know… 85% of pets have some degree of dental disease by the age of three. The good thing is, there are many things we can do to help! Brushing, chew toys, feeding a diet that targets tarter, and dental checkups with your veterinarian are several ways to combat that dental disease! DENTAL TIP: Signs of dental disease in your pet! – Bad Breath – Change in chewing or eating habits (eats more slowly, more messy, doesn’t enjoy......

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Dec 2013
Pet Safety & the Holiday Season

It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON!!!  I CAN’T WAIT to beg for some turkey, see what’s under the tree (hmm, I can smell something from the pet store under there!), play with the decorations, and greet everyone that comes by. My “owner” has a different idea of what I am and am not allowed during the holidays – something about “safety” and “I don’t want to get an upset tummy” and the like. I suppose like all good things, moderation is the key.  If you’re of the four legged kind, maybe just stick to......

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Aug 2013
ticks and animals

Whaaaat? Ticks?! Lyme Disease?!  My “owner” says not to panic, although ticks are slowly becoming more prevalent in Edmonton and surrounding areas, not all species of ticks carry Lyme disease, and Lyme disease is rare in our region. I still get to do all the fun stuff like go to the dog park and run around in the brush, my owner makes sure I am protected from these uuugly little critters! My “owner” has put together some more information on the subject, please see below… Ticks are small insects in the arachnid family that burrow part......

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Apr 2013
Pet care tips from Bubbie

One day I was rubbing my bum along the carpet because it was itchy and uncomfortable. Some people thought I had worms, but that didn’t make sense since my “owner” for all intents and purposes (we all know who owns whom around here…) dewormed me recently cause I like to eat gross things. So it turned out my anal glands were full and not expressing themselves. Once I got them squeezed (by my “owner”, who also happens to be my doctor) it sure felt a lot better. For some reason my “owner”......

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