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Why does my puppy or kitten need booster vaccines instead of just one vaccine?

The initial vaccine “primes” the immune system to start making the antibodies to the components in the vaccine, but not many are made at this time. Antibodies are the proteins in the body that recognize the disease if the animal ever contacts it and help prevent actual infection. The “booster” vaccines are required for the body to make many more antibodies so there are adequate amounts of them to actually fight off infection.

I am feeding my dog the amount recommended on the bag of food but he is still not losing weight - what can I do?

As with people, animals have different metabolic rates, meaning some can eat very little and keep the weight on, while others can eat a whole lot and not gain an ounce. The amount recommended on the bag is an average of what most pets require, some pets need a bit more or a bit less. Try decreasing what you are feeding by a small amount (approximately 10 to 15 %) and re-weigh your pet in a few weeks. If the weight is still an issue, have your pet seen by your veterinarian, as there are other medical issues such as an underactive thyroid that may be the culprit.

What is the difference between the dewormer I get from my veterinarian verses the type I can buy at the grocery store?

The prescription dewormers from the veterinarian are manufactured and tested by reputable companies with consistent results. A veterinarian will prescribe the correct product and dosage for each situation, as all pets needs are different. Grocery store deworming products tend to be less effective, and can actually be dangerous if administered incorrectly.

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