Our Team


Dr. Travis Foster (DVM)


Travis grew up in rural Saskatchewan, helping his family with the cows, dogs, and cats on the farm. Travis began his career as a Veterinarian when he graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. He started working in mixed animal medicine, and after three years decided to focus on small animal medicine as this became his passion. Travis has been caring for cats and dogs in the Edmonton area for the past 19 years and was an active Veterinarian at the Riverbend Veterinary Clinic until he started his own clinic in the community of MacTaggart. As a pet owner himself, Travis understands pets are a part of the family and looks forward to providing exceptional veterinary care to you and your furry friends.

Greg Woodard Veterinarian Edmonton

Dr. Greg Woodard (BSc, DVM)


Greg graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. After graduation, Greg worked as a mixed animal veterinarian in the Peace River region of Alberta before moving to Edmonton where he focused on small animal medicine. In 2008, Greg took the opportunity to work as an instructor in NAIT’s Animal Health Technology program where he continues to work to this day. Greg has worked as a locum veterinarian for the MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic since it opened in 2013. He enjoys helping people, dogs and cats and looks forward to his time working with Dr. Foster and the rest of the team at the MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic.

“I first came to work at MacTaggart to temporarily lend a hand to Michelle and Travis when they opened the clinic in 2013. Thanks to the wonderful clients, great staff, and the support received from the management team I am still here 10 years later!” ~Greg

Michelle Foster (B.SC. ENCS, P.AG.)


Michelle’s experience with animals goes back to her childhood, riding horses, bringing home stray dogs, cats, birds, frogs, you name it! She has a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, with a major in Wildlife Rehabilitation. She has 18 years experience working in the veterinary industry and has volunteered for and supports organizations such as the WILDNorth (Northen Alberta Wildlife Rescue), Zoe’s Animal Rescue, and the Edmonton Humane Society. Michelle is excited to meet your furry little critters and their families!



With both parents from farming backgrounds, she was exposed to animals all her life thus grew her love for animals. Growing up she had a dog, rabbit, guinea pig and when she was 11 yrs old she got to bring home a kitten from Grandma’s farm whom she named Misty. This started her love for cats. In her last year of high school she got to work at Parkland Veterinary Services and was able to go on calls with the Veterinarians to the various farms in the area. Later that year in 1985, she was accepted to the Animal Health Program at NAIT. During her first semester at NAIT she applied for a job at the Delton Veterinary Hospital where she worked for two years, here she learned to work with birds, both domestic and wild. After NAIT her next job was at the Lessard Veterinary Clinic where she worked for five years. Riverbend Veterinary Clinic was her next stop where she worked for almost 28 years. During that time was when she was fortunate to work with Dr. Foster for 8 years and when asked to join the team at the Mactaggart Veterinary Clinic, Lainie jumped at the chance to work with Dr. Foster again. Lainie splits her time between her family, her farm raising her cows, sheep and chickens, working at the Vet clinic, caring for lots of kitties at her cat boarding business Calico Hills Kitty Lodge where she says she will retire to care for and pet kitties all day.

“I had the privilege of working with Dr. Foster many years ago and truly enjoyed our time together admiring his care and compassion he showed the pets and owners that came to him.  I jumped at the chance to work with him again when I was asked to join him and his care team at his own clinic. It’s not like “work” when you enjoy the people you work with and work for. It was like reconnecting with family.” ~Lainie


Registered Animal Health Technologist

Mandy discovered her passion for animals at a young age and had always wanted to pursue a career working with animals. Originally from Richmond, B.C, Mandy moved to Alberta to pursue education in animal sciences. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Health at the University of Alberta and completed the Animal Health Technology program at NAIT. Mandy shares her home with 2 furry companions, cats named Blue and Chad.

“I love working at Mactaggart because the work environment is always so fun and positive! The clinic fosters a warm, friendly, and supportive environment that provides the staff, clients and patents with a sense of family, care and community!” ~Mandy


Registered Animal Health Technologist

Leah grew up in Edmonton and has always had a keen interest in animals. She graduated from the Animal Health Technician program at NAIT in 2012. After graduation she went to South Africa for a month where she volunteered working with Veterinarians in an animal conservation. Prior to joining the MacTaggart team, Leah worked at a busy small animal practice. Leah loves to travel, but when she’s home you can find her baking or hanging out with her hubby and their pups Ali and Maverick.

“When I started here a little over 2 years ago, I immediately knew this was a place where I wanted to work.  The level of care and compassion Dr. Foster shows to his patients including my own pets is outstanding. I constantly receive support and respect from my employer, which makes coming to work enjoyable, and helps me be the best RVT that I can be!” ~Leah


Registered Animal Health Technologist

Born and raised in Edmonton, Taylor developed a passion for taking care of her family pets early in life. These included a few hamsters, four dogs, and even a Russian tortoise. Her love for them came so naturally that she made the decision to turn that passion into a career. She graduated from Nait in 2019 as a Veterinary Medical Assistant and began working at a veterinary clinic in south Edmonton. After working in administration, Taylor decided that she wanted to be more hands on within the veterinary community. Enrolling in the Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College, she graduated with honors in April 2022. She completed her practicum at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic, where she happily agreed to join the team. When she’s not working, Taylor can be found spending time with her two dogs, Bentley and Cooper. She’s also the first to volunteer to look after her sister’s dog Kevin when needed.

“I like working at MacTaggart Vet because Dr. Foster and his staff are so welcoming and kind. As a practicum student I felt supported by my co-workers each and every day. When they approached me about staying on as an official RVT the answer was easy. I enjoy talking to our clients, seeing our patients’ happy faces, and I love being a part of the team that gets to care for these amazing animals.” ~Taylor


Registered Animal Health Technologist

Chrisy graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Sciences, specializing in Immunology and Infection in 2020. During her summer research at the university, she came across a conference talking about parasites and diseases in companion animals, and it sparked her interest in working with animals. She soon applied to the NAIT Animal Health Technology program and volunteered at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic for her last year of schooling. Chrisy graduated from the program in 2023 and officially joined the MacTaggart Team as an RVT.

When she’s not working, she enjoys going to the park with her 2 dogs (Mocha & Pepper) and walking her kitty (Goma) around the neighborhood. She also enjoys camping and hiking in the mountains whenever she gets the chance to!

Julianne Landals

Julianne L, B.A.


Julianne’s career in animal health began at 16 when she volunteered at a veterinary clinic as a kennel tech. She then worked full time as a veterinary office assistant, where she first worked with Dr. Foster, and continued working in clinics as she completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Alberta. In 2007, she began work as a report editor at a dog-friendly office and continued to work there for 10 years. After taking some time off from work to raise two children and a fur baby, Julianne is excited to be back working with Dr. Foster and the great team at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic!

“I work at Mactaggart Veterinary clinic because I trust Dr Foster and supporting Veterinarians with my pet’s health and wellness. I believe in the practice and know clients will be well taken care of when they choose to use our services. I enjoy coming to work and all the perks my pets and I receive as valued members of the team.” ~Julianne


Marketing and media manager

Kathleen has been working in the veterinary industry for more than 17 years. She started with MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic in 2016, and moved to Invermere, BC in 2021 with her husband and their 4 pets, continuing her work remotely.

Being MacTaggart’s Media and Marketing Manager wasn’t something that Kathleen saw herself doing as she loved the face-to-face interaction with clients and their pets. While she may not see them every day she enjoys providing them with information on pet health, safety, enrichment, and a little humor on the side through social media.

Living in the mountains was always a dream for Kathleen for as long as she can remember. Now she is performing her dream job from the most perfect location. Did we mention that she had aptly named the local fox “Samantha” who occasionally comes to visit her Saint Bernard, Ripley?

“Since starting at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic in 2016 I have never felt more fulfilled at a clinic. We truly have some of the most amazing clients. Every staff member works together to ensure that both the pet, and the people who love them, are receiving the highest level of care. I’m happy to be a part of such an amazing team within a fabulous community.” ~Kathleen


Client Services

I have always loved all animals and grew up with a dog at home. My Husband and I at one point had 2 dogs (one was a foster for a local rescue), 2 cats, 3 snakes, 2 tortoises and a gecko at the same time. To say we are animal people is an understatement. We have worked with a local animal rescue for several years fostering dogs and working to fundraise for them and really enjoyed it! When I got the opportunity to work at this wonderful vet clinic it was like a dream come true for me and I look forward to seeing our clients and their pets every day. 🙂

“I love working at MacTaggart Vet Clinic because the doctor’s care so much, they are wonderful with the animals and my coworkers are all wonderful people to work alongside and make the days so fun. Not to mention that I get to see cute dogs and cats all day.” ❤️ ~Elyse


Client Services

Hanna has a passion for helping animals and fell in love with her first kitten at a young age. She loves chatting with clients about their fur babies just as much as she loves talking about her own two cats. Between spending time riding horses and catching barn cats; Hanna has completed a Pharmacy Technician Program, and a Veterinary Assistant Program. She also volunteers at animal shelters helping people find their new family members.  Hanna loves to read, play the piano, travel, and is working on a book she wants to publish!

“I love working at MacTaggart because seeing our clients and patients makes me happy! We care so much about their health and are so devoted and compassionate to keeping them healthy and happy. Dr. Foster cares for animals so much and his soft and kind demeanor towards them makes working with him an easy choice.” ~Hanna


Client Services

Emily grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern Alberta surrounded by dogs, cats, miniature horses, rabbits, and of course cows. She has volunteered in numerous veterinary clinics with both large and small animals. Currently she is working towards a degree in Animal Health at the University of Alberta with the goal of becoming a veterinarian. In her free time Emily enjoys traveling, rock climbing, and spending time with her pets.

“Going to work at MacTaggart is something that can always brighten my day. The animals are truly amazing, and I look forward to meeting each of them and getting to know their unique personalities. I love being able to form a connection with not only the pets but also their owners and all the staff at the clinic. MacTaggart is a great place to foster new friendships.” ~Emily


Client Services

Joy is passionate about animals and loves any animal of all shapes and sizes, especially her two little kitties at home. She grew up with a variety of animals, ranging from bunnies, ducks, and even cows. She is currently pursuing a degree in Animal Health at the University of Alberta, where you can see her volunteering at farms or in the lab. In her free time, you can find her making fun yarn projects, watching movies, or just chilling with her cats!

“I love being a part of the MacTaggart Vet team and seeing the smiling faces of everybody in the clinic every time I come in! I think what makes MacTaggart special is all the connections that I get to make with both my team and our clients. Everyone here is so compassionate, and it fills my heart with delight seeing the happy faces of all the furry friends coming in and out of the clinic.” ~Joy


Client Services

Angel is an animal-loving compassionate mother who adores her cats and helping people. Her passions include spending time with her daughter, playing slow pitch and cheering her daughter on at dance recitals. She finds the most joy in making others smile and supporting those in need. Nature and animals bring her peace and happiness. Above all, she values family and friendships built on kindness.

Joining the team at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic has been the best career decision I have made. The team is friendly, understanding, compassionate and proficient. I look forward to seeing our client’s friendly faces and assisting them with all their adorable family member’s needs.” ~Angel


Client Services

Dannielle comes from an animal-loving family and she is no exception; her favourite part of every day is coming home and winding down with her cat, Mango. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology. She plans to apply to the Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Calgary and wants to continue working with animals in her future whether it be through medicine, research, or otherwise. While pursuing her undergrad, she volunteered in the back of several vet clinics and at local animal rescues. In her free time, she can usually be found outdoors doing things like hiking, skiing, and golfing.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Foster and be a part of such a caring, and supportive team! When looking for this job, I knew that I wanted to find a clinic that I could confidently take my own animals to, and the team here has far exceeded all of my expectations. Plus, getting to see our clients and their animals makes every day a fun and rewarding new experience!” ~Dannielle