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February Featured Pet - Mr. Briggs


My name is Briggs and I’m 9 years young – although I don’t act a day over 2! I love long walks on the beach (and by beach I literally mean anywhere). Snuggles and hugs from my humans, especially the little one- she and I are roughly the same height, are also among my many loves. Ohhhh and peanut butter….have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter and being able to lick the last bit out of the jar?! YUM!

My favorite toy is my Duck Dynasty duck that my other “sister” picked out for me years ago. She is also one of my favorites because she lets me chase the water from the hose all summer long. Secretly she feeds me carrots and cucumbers at lunch time (which is why she’s the only one I will do my super-duper roll over trick for! Shhhh- don’t tell anyone)!! My sisters are definitely my favorite humans, I follow them everywhere!

Having said all that, as I stand here today, receiving this prestigious award “Pet Of The Month,” I’d like to thank all those amazing pets who have earned this award before me.

And thank you to Rae and all the staff at MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic who are loving, generous with treats, kind, generous with treats, patient with me and did I mention how kind they are to share their treats?! I have truly grown to love all of your treats **ahem, all of you…

And of course, a super huge Thank You to Dr. Foster; I sincerely apologize for being such a pain in the butt. Between your expertise and gentle hands- you have single handedly eased my pain and directed me down the path for optimal health!

So in summary, I am a healthy, strong, gentle giant that loves food, loves life and loves love!!

































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