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May Featured Pet - Cooper

He originally lived on a full time basis with Lynette and René (Laurette and Hugh’s daughter and son-in-law), but the agreement was always that it would be “shared custody” (haha) with Laurette and Hugh… and so Cooper quickly grew a liking to spending time at their house on the off occasion.  In the summer of 2018 Cooper got really ill just before Lynette, René and their two girls were leaving on vacation.  Laurette and Hugh graciously took him in while he was on the mend.  They took such great care of Cooper that he decided he didn’t want to leave! Seeing as Laurette and Hugh were retired it did seem to make better sense that Cooper be with them full time.

He loves cucumbers and carrots… and his “pepere” (French word for grandpa) Hughie!

He loves the lake and going for rides on the boat; going for a walk or a car ride.  His favorite spot in the house is sitting on top of pepere in their favorite recliner!

When our girls were babies/toddlers, we could never leave one of their stuffed animals/toys on the floor because if Cooper got a hold of it he would destroy it… especially if it was a “squeekie” stuffie.

Being a purebred dog, Cooper has a lot of allergies which means regular visits to the vet.  Thank you to MacTaggart Veterinary Clinic for taking such great care of our little Cooper!

We sure love that little guy… thanks for this trip down memory lane!!








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