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December Featured Pet(s) - Misty and Sophie

Misty and Sophie are bonded Ragdoll sisters who became part of our family on July 23rd when they were 3 months old.  They were the only 2 kittens in the litter and the breeder wanted them to go together and we wanted 2 girls, so it was a purrrfect match.

They both have the sweet laid back ragdoll personalities and wonderful purr that the breed is known for.  They love people and are always friendly with anyone who comes to visit them. They are very active kittens who love to chase each other throughout the house and play with their toys together.  They both like to chase the laser light and when they get too rowdy, we play a game of laser tag to tire them out.

When they aren’t playing, they can be found hanging out in their cat tree or sleeping on the couch or the bed together.  They love to sit in the cat tree and watch birds and people out the window.  They also enjoy watching TV, they might even be able to tell you which baseball team won the world series.  They also get really excited when there are animals or birds on TV.

They are great snugglers (when they’re in the mood).  One of their favorite snuggle times is to crawl under the covers in bed or on a lap under a blanket. True to the ragdoll’s nature they love to follow us around the house, we have to be careful we don’t step on them because they have a habit of sitting right behind our feet.  They love to ‘help’ with the housework.  It’s especially fun to chase the duster or ride the broom around the floor.


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