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August Featured Pet - Lucy

I adopted Lucy when she was 9 years old from the Calgary Humane Society. I couldn’t say no to her, she would reach for my face gently with her paw and look at me with her big eyes and then reach for my hand and gently pull it back to scratching her head. She still does this every time your giving her scratches!

Lucy loves to be outside, she doesn’t wonder, just likes to roll around and smell the flowers or nibble on the grass. She loves everyone and is a great hostess at social gatherings, providing affection to anyone and everyone. She is kind, loving, gentle, and also, empathic.

She has a younger sister Wiley who she loves to groom, they are very sweet to one another. She also has a dog brother who is a little too big for her liking, but she tolerates him and they are peaceful with one another.

Lucy is 16 now and over the last 5 months her health has been declining, her appetite has changed, and she’s lost a bit of weight and looks more like a kitten than a senior. She is still enjoying her life though and spending her waking hours soaking up the sunshine in the garden and seeking out pats and belly rubs throughout the day. I am hopeful that she’s going to live a long life, and this is just the beginning of a new and gentler time for her.

She is my sweet Lucy, and I am so grateful to have her in my life. My animals remind me every day to slow down and appreciate our time together because it’s so precious and meaningful.














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