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July Featured Pet - Pudgie

It was 12 years ago when we found our Pudgie, abandoned at only 5 weeks old, in an old hay bale.  He had a huge appetite as a kitten which continued into adulthood, hence his name. (*wink wink*)

He loves food and will try all human food, but especially loves bananas and will come running to you as soon as you start to peel one.

Diagnosed as a diabetic with IBD almost two years ago, he has had to be on special cat food which didn’t phase him because he loves to eat everything.  Pudgie’s special talents are sitting up like a gopher when he wants something in the kitchen, and giving big hugs with his arms wrapped tightly around your neck.

It was recently discovered that he has cancer.  He is now on a steroid, and pain meds to keep him comfortable.  This has increased his appetite, and because of this he gets anything he wants. He is absolutely loving the special attention.









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