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Want your pet to be featured as our pet of the month? It is a great way for us and our community to learn more about our fantastic clients!

Share a fun or cute photo of your pet with a description/story by submitting the information to us in the form below. We will choose a pet each month to share on our website and Facebook page.

February Featured Pet - Diego

Diego is a 9 year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Poodle cross.

People often think Diego is a puppy because he is so small (6 Lbs!), cute, and playful.  A tiny tennis ball, a ping-pong ball, or a bouncy ball are his toys of choice and he loves to play non-stop fetch! Diego is a very affectionate little guy and takes every chance to give his humans lots of hugs and kisses, crawling up onto their chest and snuggling in.

At night, he likes to sleep right under the blankets, curled up next to his Mama. When he goes outside he likes to let the entire neighborhood know, a habit his humans certainly do not love!

Diego has very sensitive hearing which makes him scared of a lot of funny things. Garbage bags, beat-boxing, vacuum cleaners, and cardboard boxes are just a few of the many things that Diego is afraid of. Despite being a scared-y cat at times, Diego loves meeting new people and will quickly hop on a new friends lap to get some pets, and give some kisses!








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