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Want your pet to be featured as our pet of the month? It is a great way for us and our community to learn more about our fantastic clients!

Share a fun or cute photo of your pet with a description/story by submitting the information to us in the form below. We will choose a pet each month to share on our website and Facebook page.

October Featured Pet - Cooper Sonnenberg

Cooper joined his family in October of 2015, when he was only 8 weeks old. His little Beagle personality fit in perfectly with his family as he enjoys playing, running or just relaxing with the kids.

He is a very smart boy who, like most Beagles, is highly motivated by treats. He will sit, shake a paw, sit and stay, “do the commando”, and ring a bell when he needs to go outside.

At times, Cooper is quite the character! He does NOT like the rabbits that roam in the area, and he lets everyone know with his trademark bay! He isn’t always brave- he is terrified of storms, his reflection in a window, and when family members wear sun hats or sunglasses! When his family comes home, they are greeted by Cooper holding his blue blanket in his mouth, wanting them to follow him to his favourite snuggle spot.

His family LOVES having him in their lives, and we’re pretty sure he LOVES being in theirs.

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