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Want your pet to be featured as our pet of the month? It is a great way for us and our community to learn more about our fantastic clients!

Share a fun or cute photo of your pet with a description/story by submitting the information to us in the form below. We will choose a pet each month to share on our website and Facebook page.

March Featured Pet - Robyn

Robyn came to SAFE Team rescue in April 2017, and boy did he have a rough start. He was diagnosed with Feline Leukaemia at 2 years old. When he first arrived to his foster home he was shaved to the skin due to lice, ALL his teeth had to be removed as they were rotten and painful, and he had 2 large polyps removed from his nose as they were causing him to open mouth breath. He was a very sick boy who had suffered greatly in his short life.

All that was about to change with the love, patience, and caring he received from his foster family. The same family who started fostering him in April of 2017, officially adopted him on December 24th, 2017. His family adores him, and he loves to boss his 2 puppy brothers around. He also loves his toys, hunting for his toys, and will eat a whole bag of Temptations if his family would let him.

As far as this wonderful boy has come, he does suffer with arthritis in his front legs so he’s not much for jumping up or down. This is fine for him though as he prefers to be a “ground dweller”.

His favorite place to wind down is snuggled next to his mommy on the couch, with cozy blanket, his paws wrapped around her arm, and holding it as he falls asleep. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!

His family feels absolutely blessed to have Robyn in their life and love him so very much!!!



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